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Winter 2018 Winners:

Best Feature Film:
Diamond Award: The Forest (Viktor Gasic)
Platinum Award: Path of Egress (Vincent Baran)
Gold Award: The Neighbor (George A. Johnson)
Silver Award: UNS (Singh Sahab)
Bronze Award: Six (Anar Azimov)

Honorable Mention:
Unexpected Confrontation (Luis Lobato Macedo)

Best Romance Feature Film:
Love Possibly (Michael Boccalini & Che Grant)

Best Short Film:

Diamond Awards:
Greater Fool (Julia Strassmann)
New York (Laurent Jordy)
The Saver (Miguel Chavez)

Platinum Awards:
Dima (Remi Itani)
A Date With Shillelagh (Jeff Stewart & Brian Johnston)
Pinky Promise (Tam Sainsbury)

Gold Awards:
116 (Julia Campanelli)
In A World Of Copies (Charlie Di Stefano)

Silver Awards:
Whoever You Are... (Annette Westwood)
Saved By Grace (Brandan Haskell)

Bronze Awards:
Impulse (Adam Ardens Dora)
Chameleon (Trevvor Riley)

Best Drama:
Diamond Award: Cotton Wool (Nicholas Connor)
Platinum Award: About Patience (Till Gmuer)
Gold Award: Parastish Rooh Se - Spiritual Worship (Suresh K Goswami)
Silver Award: Woodland Melody (Christian Jilka)

Best Horror:
Diamond Award: Eve (Patrice Woolley)
Platinum Award: The Dam (Matilda Szydagis & Ric Sechrest)

Best Animation:
Biwy - Blood sampling with a smile (Riccardo Galimberti & Marta Sofia Marzullo)

Best Experimental:
Diamond Award: Hours’ Noise (Hugo Bécasse)
Platinum Award: Scarborough (Walker Sayen)
Gold Award: Frame (Andres Ramirez)

Best Student Film:
Diamond Award: The Earth’s End (Jack Caffrey)
Platinum Award: Ivy (Grace Bragdon)
Gold Award: Tomislavov Dnevnik (Vinko Laotovic)
Silver Award: Driving For You (Jingyi Liu)

Best Documentary:
Madagasikara (Cam Cowan)

Best Music Video:
Diamond Award: Economic Man vs Humanity: A Puppet Rap Battle (Simon Panrucker & Emma Powell)
Platinum Award: Shaolin (Chloé Borgella)
Gold Award: Jawjaw - Survive This (Ian Roderick Gray)
Silver Award: The Letting Go (Tyler McElrath)
Bronze Award: Feeling Low : Lubiana (Semoulin Mehdi)

Best Trailer:
MMA - Never Surrender (Gerald J. Godbout III)

Best Director:
Diamond Award: Nicholas Connor (Coton Wool)
Platinum Award: Viktor Gasic (The Forest)
Gold Award: Maggie Qin (The Love of Bachelorette)
Silver Award: Andres Ramirez (Frame)
Bronze Award: Michael Boccalini & Che Grant (Love Possibly)

Best Short Film Script:
Diamond Award: Haiti (Arvind R)
Platinum Award: Generations - Letter From An Old Father To His Son (Kevin Starnino)
Gold Award: Disconnect (Nevin Bolla)

Best Feature Script:
Diamond Award: Indian Billy Ice (Jerry Stephen Ice)
Platinum Award: White Wolf, Black Wolf (Florence Nahon)
Gold Award: The Alliance (Robert L Butler Jr)
Silver Award: Little Things Mean a Lot (Michael Monteith)
Bronze Award: The Ludlow Massacre (Sean Damer)

Best Actor (Male):
Diamond Award: Stuart Horobin (A Date With Shillelagh)
Platinum Award: Antonio Lujack (Silent Love Stories-II)
Gold Award: Roman Xing (Roman Xing)

Best Actor (Female):
Diamond Award: Leanne Best (Cotton Wool)
Platinum Award: Julia Strassmann (Greater Fool)
Gold Award: Kelly Cunningham (Silent Love Stories-II)
Silver Award: Debora von Habsburg (Salvador)
Bronze Award: Maggie Qin (The Love Of Bachelorette)

Best Cinematography:
Diamond Award: Silent Love Stories-II (Amr Al-Hariri)
Platinum Award: The Dam (Matilda Szydagis & Ric Sechrest)
Gold Award: In A World Of Copies (Charlie Di Stefano)
Silver Award: Chameleon (Trevvor Riley)
Bronze Award: The Last Lesbian (Zichen Tang)

Best Score:
Diamond Award: Minkyu Kim (The Forest)
Platinum Award: “As The Earth Turns” (Richard H. Lyford)
Gold Award: Burning Crows (Leading Lee)
Silver Award: Saved By Grace (Brandan Haskell)

Best Editing:
Diamond Award: Masters of Resonance (Francois Driessen, Jeremy Bout & Larissa Hofman)
Platinum Award: Frame (Andres Ramirez)
Gold Award: Madagasikara (Cam Cowan)

Best Visual FX:
Diamond Award: Like Every Mornings (Cédric Dupuis)
Platinum Award: Saved By Grace (Brandan Haskell)
Gold Award: The Ghost of Tacande (Antonio Manuel & Fernandez Lorenzo)

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